Painted Pepper PZ Dusk *B

Painted Pepper Dusk was born on February 2, 2019. Dusk is an ADGA & AGS registered Nigerian Dwarf buck.Sire: Painted Pepper JS Pizzazz +B Dam: SG 3*M Painted Pepper Guinevere (ADGA ELITE)

Just like his sister and littermate — Painted Pepper PZ Dawn, the 2nd goat of Christmas — Painted Pepper PZ Dusk is undoubtedly the “cream of the crop” of the Painted Pepper Farm 2019 kidding season. He exhibits the same beautiful length of body, level topline and excellent rear leg angulation. With the identical breeding in our 3 year old Painted Pepper PZ Moonlight and her very well attached, correct and capacious mammary system as a reference, one can truly see his potential as a future herdsire. As a SG 3*M Painted Pepper Guinevere (ELITE 12/2018, 8/2019) son with SG designation two past generations deep and daughters on the ground already who are all strong producers and one - SG 4*M Painted Pepper JJ Jewel (ELITE 8/2017) — who has already earned her SG designation (see full information on Jewel under the “9th Goat of Christmas”, junior buck Painted Pepper FSE Gingersnap). Look at the udders in this lineup of our youngest Guinevere daughter’s 1st, 2nd and 4th doe) to see the consistency you can expect in udder conformation. Painted Pepper PZ Moonlight (Dawn’s full sister) is the first goat in the lineup. Dawn’s sire, Painted Pepper JS Pizzazz +B (offered for sale as the “12th Goat of Christmas”), has given us several proven daughters with solid milk production, large easy expressing teats, and excellent udder conformation. He has the power house producer 1*M Painted Pepper RJ Spunky as his dam who was incredibly productive in her younger and middle years (herd hiatus on DHIR testing during these years and so no official records), was able to do extended lactations, and is still showing solid production with a will to milk as a 10 year old doe. On Pizzazz’s sire Painted Pepper PJ Jumpstart *+B, we can’t express enough how much we love his many daughters in our milking herd both in terms of conformation and productivity. He brings with him strong Jobi genetics from his grandsire and SG 2*M AGS Rosharn’s Eclipse (LA 91 (EEEV) @ 12-04) genetics through his grandsire. Painted Pepper PZ Moonlight -- Full Sister DAM: SG 3*M Painted Pepper PS Guinevere (ADGA ELITE) LA FS86 VVEV @ 5-04yrs DHIR@ 4-11yrs = 242d/633# -- ME305d/799# DHIR@ 5-10yrs = 286d/592# -- ME305d/659# (lactation in progress 12/5/2019) GRANDDAM: SG 2*M Painted Pepper LVB Percilina (ADGA ELITE) LA FS91 EEEE @ 9-05yrs DHIR@ 7-01yrs = 242d/660# -- ME305d/919# DHIR@ 8-10yrs = 278d/869# -- ME305d/1,003# (lactation in progress 12/5/2019) GRANDSIRE: SG Painted Pepper RJ Sprinter +*B LA 84 +V+ @ 1-01yrs SIRE: Painted Pepper JS Pizzazz +B PIZZAZZ is offered as the 12th “Goat of Christmas” — see his listing for more information LA 83 +++ @ 4-04yrs GRANDDAM: 1*M Painted Pepper RJ Spunky LA FS83 +VV+ @ 9-05yrs DHIR@ 9-01yrs = 299d/513# DHIR@ 10-01yrs = 230/428# -- ME305d/651# (lactation in progress 12/5/2019) GRANDSIRE: Painted Pepper PJ Jumpstart +*B LA FS86 V+V @ 6-05yrs


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