Painted Pepper FSE LuckyStar

Painted Pepper LuckyStar was born on May 14, 2019. Lucky is an ADGA & AGS registered Nigerian Dwarf doe. Sire: FeatherNScale Equilibrium Dam: SG 3*M Painted Pepper PS Willow

“You must be my Lucky Star…” if you know this 80’s Madona tune then sing along — because our Painted Pepper FSE Lucky Star does shine on us wherever we are! Lucky is a favorite, out of Painted Pepper’s doe SG 3*M Painted Pepper PS Willow — who comes from Painted Pepper’s +B AGS Lost Valley Bishop *S and SG 1*M Dawnland Tabby’s Zing original lines (Zing is a littermate of Dawnland Tabby’s Maritimer — sire of SG ++B Old Mountain Farm Stag) — and sire FeatherNScale Equilibrium, she exhibits a more refined body type while also possessing incredible length of body and overall excelling in general appearance. Plus she is so darn lovable and cute! Lucky’s dam Willow has capacious well attached udder with excellent medial suspensory ligament and large easy expressing teats. As a SG +*B Painted Pepper RJ Sprinter daughter, Willow has the best of the Rosasharn production and conformation genetics behind her. With SG designation herself and two more generations deep on her maternal line, in addition to this recognition solidly on her paternal line, the proven transmittable of Willow’s superior production and conformation genetics is without question. With this cross of dam Willow and sire Equilibrium, Lucky is a beautiful example of this line breeding as Sprinter contributes again on the paternal side as Equilibrium’s grand sire. Equilibrium’s dam SG 3*M Painted Pepper Equinox has SG designation 3 generations deep on her dam’s maternal line and 1 generation deep on her paternal line. Equilibrium also brings with him the excellent conformation of the Tiny Angels herd through his sire Tiny Angel CK Two Faced. Truly Lucky is a Star in the making! DAM: SG 3*M Painted Pepper PS Willow (Center Doe) LA FS89 VEEV @ 5-04yrs DHIR@ 4-11yrs = 360d/919# -- ME 305d/886# DHIR@ 6-01yrs = 214d/636# -- ME 305d/929# (lactation in progress 12/5/2019) GRANDDAM: SG 2*M Painted Pepper LVB Hope LA FS86 VVVV @ 3-01yrs DHIR@ 2-09yrs = 303d/620# DHIR@ 3-10yrs = 620d/1060# GRANDSIRE: SG Painted Pepper RJ Sprinter +*B LA 84 +V+ @ 1-01yrs SIRE: FeatherNScale Equilibrium Pictured as Junior Buck 10/2018 First 3 photos courtesy of FeatherNScale Farm LA -- not applicable GRANDDAM: SG 2*M Painted Pepper PS Equinox LA 90 VEEE @ 4-03yrs DHIR@ 4-00yrs = 305d/680# GRANDSIRE: Tiny Angels CK Two Faced


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