The start of H&M Homestead began in 1988 when, Nicholas MacDonald, started his life around horses. This desire to learn more about the marvelous creatures grew over many years of working with them. He has gone from just riding in the wagons to breaking and training horses in the Western seat. He has been trained in Western, Saddleseat, and Huntseat. The spring of 2008 is really when H&M Homestead began its existence. This homestead began on a couple of pieces of scrap paper that turned into a full business plan. . .

In 2013, Nicholas met Robbie Hammond, the two of them have both grown up with a strong love for animals of all shapes and sizes. 


Robbie grew up raising chickens, geese, goats, and cows. He always wanted to have goats and chickens again and we have brought it to life here at H&M Homestead. 

The goal at H&M Homestead is to continue growing the love for animals for people from all walks of life.

The future at the homestead is to bring horses to the homestead, be self-sufficient through gardening and renewable energy, have honey bees, and expand Two Dubs Originals Gifts & Furniture. 

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