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Nigerian Dwarf Goats



In high school, Robbie had Nigerian Dwarf Goats and wished for years to have a goat farm again. In 2018, Buddy, our Nigerian Dwarf wether, was in need of a new home and he found his way to H&M. So he would not be lonely, Jovie joined the farm and had two kids in June of 2018. This started the Nigerian Dwarf breeding program at H&M Homestead. In the summer of 2018, we added Beaten Path Sweet Pea to start the registered herd. In the summer of 2019, we added Beaten Path Lily, Poppy, and Thistle. Early in 2020, we added Painted Pepper Dolly, Matilda, Girl, Beth, and LuckyStar. With all of these registered goats we now tie into Rosasharn, Old Mountain Farms, Fairlea, Denbow Farms, Beaten Path Farm, and FeatherNScale.

Herd Information

At H&M Homestead, we have both an unregistered herd and an AGS/ADGA registered herd. We test annually for Johnes, CAE & CL and are test negative for all of these since we started our herd in 2018. In 2020, we will start testing for Brucellosis and we will begin milk testing. In 2021, we will be participating in the ADGA Linear Appraisal Program. 

H&M Homestead has a closed herd. This means that the herd is consistently testing negative for Johnes, CAE, & CL. Kids for sale will not be placed into a new home until they are weaned at approximately 10-12 weeks. All registered kids will be disbudded. Both registered and unregistered kids will be vaccinated, wethered, or tattooed as necessary.



With having kids each spring, we welcome volunteers to hold and handle the kids to make sure they are well adapted to human interaction. In some cases, we may need volunteers to assist with bottle feeding the newborns. 

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