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Horse Training


The start of H&M Homestead began in 1988 when I, Nicholas MacDonald, started my life around horses. This desire to learn more about the marvelous creatures grew over many years of working with them. I have gone from just riding in the wagons to breaking and training horses in the Western seat. I have been trained in Western, Saddleseat, and Huntseat. The spring of 2008 is really when H&M Homestead began its existence. This homestead began on a couple of pieces of scratch paper that turned into a full business plan. . .

Over the past few years, I have been working with a number of different barns training horses and riders. The current goal is to earn the funds to build an equestrian center to train horses and riders in the great state of Maine. With building H&M Ranch I will pass on the love of a horse and bring a little of the south and west to New England. I also look forward to working with the Wounded Warrior Project to help our many veterans.


Due to not having an equine facility, I would be happy to travel to your location to train you or your horse in natural horsemanship.


We also offer stud services for Nigerian Dwarf goats. We have a pet quality buck that is red chocolate in color with blue eyes, a champagne & white buck with blue eyes, and a black color gene dominant buck. Please see their profiles for genetic history and awards.  

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