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Homemade Products


Robbie and Nick hardly stop moving no matter the season. If the product below is in season, you can find it at H&M Homestead. Early spring you will find Humble and Kind Maple Syrup, throughout the summer you will find Farm Fresh Eggs and Honey, and any time of the year you will find Furniture and Gifts under construction. 

Humble & Kind Maple Syrup​

For many years Nicholas' grandfather, Leroy Monroe, created maple syrup for family and friends. The love of making maple syrup was then passed down to Nick. When Leroy passed, everyone referred to him as Humble and Kind. 


Humble and Kind Maple Syrup is made right in Jonesboro every spring. 

We sell fresh organic cage-free eggs for the following prices. 

1/2 Dozen - $2.00

1 Dozen - $4.00

18 Count - $6.00

Fresh Honey

Coming soon! 

Two Dub's Originals
Furniture & Gifts​

Robbie is quite the carpenter and will create almost anything you can send his way. He has built coffee tables, side tables, aquarium stands, picnic tables, lamps, bookshelves, desks, vases, nightstands, and bed frames. 

Nick is the designer for some of the products and assists in assembly. 

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