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Blood Test

Disease Tests

Each goat on our property is tested at least once per year. The dam & sire of your kid will have blood tests completed between the time of your deposit and the pick-up date. The tests will check for the following diseases, Johnes, CAE, & CL. You should disease test your kids once they are 6 months old for Johnes, CAE, & CL. We don’t expect any problems, but it is a good practice and it is not overly expensive. Well worth the peace of mind! We suggest that you continue testing on an annual basis especially if you have new goats added, you visit another farm within that year, or other farmers visit your farm. For more information on disease testing, visit: WADDL - or speak with your vet. 

With all of this said about diseases, you should always practice good biosecurity measures. You either should have guests bring separate shoes to only wear on your property, have visitors wash/sanitize their shoes on your property, or have slip-on boots for people to wear on your property.

Test Results

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